Dr Irene Broadley-Westerduin
BSc, PGCE, Ad. Dip. Sp Ed., MEd, MSc, PhD
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"An Educational Psychologist helps make the world of education challenging and rewarding"

Often students of all ages - adult learners as well as children - can find it difficult to cope with some of the demands and constraints, expectations and situations involved at their place of learning. This is where an Educational Psychologist can often help.....

Are you experiencing the following?
Concerned about your child’s performance at school?
Aware your child struggles completing homework?
Aware that your child is better at talking about things than writing them down?
Concerned that your child has difficulty paying attention to certain things?
Aware that your child becomes easily frustrated by an inability to do some things?
Aware that your child has difficulty making and keeping friends?
Then why not consider the services of Child Educational Psychologist? Dr Irene Broadley-Westerduin B.S.c PGCE. Ph.D CPsychol may be able to help you.
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Educational Psychology Assessment

Literacy difficulties | Dyspraxia and fine motor skills | Inconsistancy in approach to work and distracting behaviour | Attention seeking | Behavioural difficulties | Speech and language development issues | Friendship and social skills | Emotional literacy issues | Assertiveness and aggresion | Increasing motivation and persistance to task | In My Shoes
In My Shoes
In My Shoes is a computer package that helps professionals communicate with children and learning disabled adults about their experiences, views, wishes and feelings.
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An Educational Psychologists Blog Blog
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GCSE exam concession assessments | Assessment for school admission | Parent consultations | One to one therapeutic work | In-service training | Classroom observations.

Member of the following professional psychological organisations.

The British Psychological Society Member of the Health Professional Council Association of Educational Psychologists Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practise
    Association of Educational Psychologists  
The British Psychological Society Expert Witness Registered Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practise
Health Professional Registered   Accreditation of Child Psychologists in Private Practise
Ahh! Now I Understand
Ahh! Now I understand book cover
Overcoming learning difficulties - a book by Dr Irene Broadley-Westerduin designed to help you understand why some children find some aspects of learning more difficult.
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