Dr Irene Broadley-Westerduin
BSc, PGCE, Ad. Dip. Sp Ed., MEd, MSc, PhD
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Assessment Details

Generally, a full battery of psychological tests can take several hours to administer (often administered to a child in several one to one and a half hour time periods to avoid fatigue and opposition), several more hours for the professional to score, interpret as a whole picture of the individual and to write in a report suitable form for school personnel or psychotherapist to use in developing a curriculum or treatment plan.

The full assessment will entail:

Preliminary discussion and background information and developmental history.
Literacy assessments – reading, spelling and reading comprehension age.
Full psychometric assessment using age appropriate tests compared with national schools.
Calculation of Verbal, Performance, Speed of Processing and Memory Scales as well as full IQ when possible.
Cognitive assessment involve a range of tests which look at abilities such as thinking, understanding, remembering and solving puzzles as well as oral arithmetic and basic general knowledge.
Identification of specific strengths and weakness.
Full emotional literacy assessment involving child, parent and the school.
Full self-esteem assessment, how successful the learner feels and their motivation to learn.
Fine motor, writing and drawing assessment.
Observations of learning style: visual, verbal, auditory, physical, to promote effective learning.
Understanding of instructions, type of instructions needed, and whether further verification is required.
Recommendations of ways forward for an intervention plan.
Possibility of outlined report e-mailed within 10 days for initial agreement. Hard copy of signed comprehensive report delivered by post.
Additional assessment may be thought to be necessary, such a in-depth assessment of long and short term memory, visual and auditory memory, phonological awareness or visual-perceptual skills.
How we work
Assessment Details
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Post assessment Programmes

Emotional literacy, empathy and awareness of social skills
Anger management, self-regulation and assertiveness training
Developing self-confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, and ability to cope with feelings
Developing friendship and social skills
Increasing motivation and persistence to tasks
Developing speed of processing, work presentation and organisation
Developing memory skills
Visual spatial tasks and visual awareness
Developing concentration and attention
Fine motor skills and handwriting
Working with bereavement and loss
Working Together
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