Dr Irene Broadley-Westerduin
BSc, PGCE, Ad. Dip. Sp Ed., MEd, MSc, PhD
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The following testimonials are from customers who have experienced Eduk8 and wnated to forward their thanks. Referring your child to a Child Psychologist may seem daunting but the successes speak for themselves.

Thank you for the practical and ready to use strategies. This has helped us with children that otherwise we struggle with. Meetings between boarding-house, staff and parents have helped build relationships and ensure recommendations are fully incorporated.
Head of Preparatory School
The in-service training has been extremely useful for the staff to expand their work. It has built their confidence in using new skills, helped them interact as a team, as well as developed their relationship and trust with the pupils they are working with.
SenCo at Secondary School
We were getting to the stage where we could not do anything with our son. Everything especially home-work was a fight. You helped us see the important issues and plan strategies to help him. We now have a good relationship, and school work is improving. It helped us get everything into perspective.
Mr and Mrs B
It took a lot of courage to initially have Mary assessed, but once we did, it answered a lot of our questions and helped us to get to understand our daughter. It gave her a more positive way forward in school and for us as a family at home.
Mr and Mrs G
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