Dr Irene Broadley-Westerduin
BSc, PGCE, Ad. Dip. Sp Ed., MEd, MSc, PhD
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Ahh! Now I understand

Overcoming learning difficulties - a book by Dr Irene Broadley-Westerduin designed to help you understand why some children find some aspects of learning more difficult.

This book will help you understand why some children find some aspects of learning more difficult. Although it is not useful to compare children, finding out what affects each child's learning can go a long way to help them to make progress and build the confidence in order to flourish. It is vital that a child (or their parent or teacher) does not feel that it's "a fault" and instead helps them to learn strategies when given the right tools. This book helps the reader discover that process and the visual images are just as important to help see things in a different way. In my day-to-day work as an educational psychologist, I frequently hear stories of how children are able to change their lives through being understood and finding their own way to learn. I hope this book will encourage people to seek the right help so that others can find ways to excel in their own gifts.
I believe "Ahh! Now I understand" gives a realistic insight into difficulties children like James face. It captures the frustration and confusion these children's have to deal with on a daily basis and should be read by all teachers. I read it to Joe as well. Joe thought it was fantastic story and said...." its great that it is seen through James's eyes, I can really identify with the story".
Stacey, Joe's mum.
This book is really interesting and helpful in pinpointing the reason some children fail to progress. Many people recognise dyslexia and dyspraxia but are unaware that there are other barriers to the success for our children. "Ahh! Now I understand" gives an insight into some of the signs and symptoms of APD and what can be done about it at home and in school.
Judy Cochand, SENco, Fores sandle Manor Educational Trust Limited.
"Ahh! Now I understand" is written in a very accessible, easy to read narrative style. A really helpful way of describing the difficulties and challenges faced daily by many children with APD. It is so true how children presenting with these behaviours can feel misunderstood and undervalued. How important it is to work to their strengths and how helpful for them if adults understand, can explain to them what they are going through and offer structured help, support and encouragement. The illustrations are bright, colourful and engaging.
Anita Davis, Educational Psychologist, Childrens Services, Hampshire County Council.
You will shortly be able to buy this book online - until then please contact irene here.
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